Release Notes

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our macros. Here are some of the most recent improvements we've made and what we have planned. If there's something you want to see, let us know by leaving a comment on our suggestion board

Most Recent Updates

19th September 2023

We've moved the position of the Numbered Headings button. The macro still works the same; it just has a new location. 

29th August 2023

We've updated the Buttons macro to let you add even more personality to your buttons. You can now choose icons for each button from multiple different libraries. Now, your buttons can look exactly how you need them to, to help readers choose the right one. 

11th July 2023

We're continuing to make our tabs macro even better. If you have a lot of tabs, you can scroll through them, and we've made them accessible from the keyboard as well. You can also choose to make the tab headings stick at the top of the tab when you scroll down to make navigation even easier when you have large tabs.

22nd June 2023

We've heard your feedback, and we've made some major updates to our Tabs macro. It's now more intuitive to use, and we've added more styling options. Now you can change the style of the header and even add icons to any tabs you want to.

31st May 2023

Our newest macro Interactive Banner is here! You can use it to display and highlight key content to help your readers find the pages they really need. 

Based on feedback from some of you, we made some changes to the way our Button macro works. We've separated how you add a link to a space and a link to a URL, to make it easier to quickly add the exact link that you need. 

5th April 2023

We've had a bit of a name change. You might notice that the color of our icons has changed. That's because we're now Kolekti. We are still part of the Adaptavist group, and you can expect everything to work as it did before. Only now, you'll need to look for our new color and logos in the macro menu 

12th March 2023

Numbered Headings is now more flexible. You can now choose to skip numbering different heading types. This gives you more control over your page's appearance and lets you have some headings without numbers.

What's coming up

We are always working on ways to make our app even better. Here are a few of the things that we currently have on our road map

Dark mode

Atlassian has recently released a Beta version of Themes for Confluence. This makes a massive change in how Confluence looks and feels. To ensure that our macros still work well, and look good in dark theme we are already hard at work updating all of our macros. If you try the dark theme now, you might notice some of our macros don't look like they should. But we are hard at work to make sure that they will be ready by the time Themes comes out of Beta. You'll even be able to preview how your macro will look in both dark vs light theme before you add it to your page.  


Partner of the Year 2021  - We are proud to have been awarded Atlassian's Partner of the Year award 2021: Cloud Experience.

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