Templates are a great option if you need a bit of inspiration to get started, or if you need a consistent style for things like monthly reports. You can make your own templates containing any of our macros or for a quick start, you can use our pre-made templates. 

You can find our templates from the Content Formatting Macros Hompage inside Confluence. Select Apps from the top navigation bar. Then select Content Formatting Macro.

Once on our homepage scroll down to the section titled Start with a template. Select the template that best matches your needs. 

In the pop-up window you can check if the template you've chosen is what you're looking for. When you're happy select Use Template. This takes you to an edit page with your chosen template. Customize the template to suit your needs and then publish it.

When you select Publish you can choose which space the new page is published to by selecting the pencil icon.

Learn more about the features of each of our available templates

If there is a template you'd like to see let us know on our feedback page or through Intercom.