Interactive Banner

Interactive Banner is the ideal tool for displaying your most important content. It can hold up to six slides to let you highlight important content for your page viewers. Each slide can have any combination of a title, body, and button, all on a background of your choice.


  1. Navigate to the page you would like to edit.

  2. Click the  Edit  icon in the top-right of the page or press e on your keyboard to display the page in Edit mode.

  3. Click the position where you want to display your interactive banner.

  4. Select  Insert  >  View More  in the Confluence editor.

  5. Select the Interactive Banner macro in the Select Macro screen. 

  6. Customize your banner by using the options in the editor.

Add a New Slide

To add a new slide, select Add slide. This will add a new slide with a default image and content. To change the content and appearance of the slide select it to edit the slide. 

You can have a maximum of 6 slides in your Interactive Banner.

Edit a Slide

To edit a slide, select the slide you want to work on. This opens the edit menu and brings the slide to the front of the preview. 

Each slide has a customizable background. To the background you can add any combination of a title, body and button. All slides start with all three components. You can remove them by selecting the x by the component you want to remove.

To remove all the components from the slide at once, use the white x at the end of the field.

To add a component use the drop down menu.


You can change the appearance of the background by changing the theme of the slide. The options are light or dark.

To change the background image, select Select Image. 

Then either choose an image from the library or Upload your own image. Once you have chosen an image you can adjust its as follows.

Image size:

Original Size - Maintains the original size of the image.

Resize to fit into the container - Makes the whole image fit into the slide, but there may be some white space around the image.

Rezise to fill the container - There is no white space left in the container, but the whole image may not be visible.

Image Position:

Choose how the image is positioned in the slide using the options from the drop down menu.


If you have chose a title there is a text field for the title. This text appears centered at the top of the slide.


If you have chosen body there is a text field for the main content of the slide. The text you enter into this field appears centered in the middle of the slide.


If you have chosen a button you can choose the text for the button and where it links to. 

To link to a confluence page select Search Page. Type the name of the page and select it from the list when you see it. To link to an external web page select Add Link and then type in the full URL for the page.

For security reasons, some browsers may block URL paths that point to files on a local file system or local networked folders. This can be overridden in your browser’s security settings but should only be done as part of a comprehensive security strategy. In most cases, it is best to host such files on dedicated web servers that use other protocols such as FTP. More information can be found in Atlassian’s documentation.

Delete a Slide

To delete a slide, simply select the trash can icon next to the slide you wish to delete. Then confirm you wish to delete it. Once deleted a slide can not be retrieved.

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