The Progress Bar Hyperlink Step macro allows you to add a stylized progress bar to the page, to provide users with a level of context for the page within a process. A Progress Bar Hyperlink Step macro is added for each step that you want to create.

You can add only one array of progress bar hyperlink steps to a Confluence page. See our FAQ page to learn more.


  1. Navigate to the page you want to edit.

  2. Click the Edit icon.

  3. Click Insert > View More.

  4. Select the Progress Bar macro in the Select Macro screen.

    The Insert Progress Bar - Hyperlink Step Macro screen.
  5. Define the progress bar step using the following macro parameters.



    Enter the title or label for the step. 



    Enter the Confluence page name or full URL that is linked to the step.


    Ordering Index

    The order you want to assign to this step, e.g. 1 if it is the first step, 2, if it is the second step. If not specified, the step order might be unexpected.


    Current Step checkbox

    Select this option to highlight the step as the current step in the progress bar.


  6. Click Preview to see how the progress bar will appear on the page, and make any desired changes.

  7. Click Insert. A macro placeholder displays.

    A placeholder for the Progress Bar - Hyperlink Step macro.
  8. Add a Progress Bar Step macro for each step that you want to add as described in steps 2-7.

  9. Click Publish to see the progress bar rendered on the page.

    A rendered example of a Progress Bar - Hyperlink Step macro.

Edit the macro

To make changes to the macro, for example, to change the order of the steps, click the macro placeholder then click the Edit icon. Make the required changes, then click Save.