The Tabs Page macro allows you to add tabs to provide interactive, categorized, or isolated information to the page. A Tabs Page macro is added for each tab that you want to display.

You can add only one array of tabs to a Confluence page. See our FAQ page to learn more.


Watch our video walkthrough to see the Tabs Page macro in action.


  1. Navigate to the page you want to edit.

  2. Click the Edit icon.

  3. Click Insert > View More in the Confluence editor.

  4. Select the Tabs Page macro in the Select Macro screen.

    An example Insert Tabs Page Macro screen.
  5. Complete the following parameters:

    • Title: Enter the title to be displayed on the tab, e.g. Venue.

    • Ordering Index: Specify the order in which the tab should be displayed in relation to other tabs. For example, enter 1 if the tab page will appear first.

  6. Click Insert. A macro placeholder is displayed.

  7. Add the content that you want to display on the tab page.

  8. Add an additional Tabs macro for each tab page that you want to display, for example add additional macros for Workshops, Facilities, and Directions.

  9. Click Publish to see the rendered tabs on the page.

    An example of a rendered Tabs Page macro.

Edit the macro

To make changes to the macro, for example, to change the order of the tabs, click the macro placeholder then click the Edit icon. Make the required changes, then click Save.

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Not an admin? No problem. Share the app with your admin and they can install it.