The Tabs macro allows you to add tabs to provide interactive, categorized, or isolated information to the page. A Tabs macro is added for each tab that you want to display. 

You can now add more than one array of tabs to a Confluence page.


Watch our video walkthrough to see the Tabs macro in action.


  1. Navigate to the page you want to edit.

  2. Click the Edit icon.

  3. Click Insert > View More in the Confluence editor.

  4. Select the Tabs macro in the Select Macro screen. (Alternatively, use / and begin to type tab to access the macro via the quick insert menu.)

  5. Enter the title to be displayed on the tab, e.g. Venue.

  6. To start a new tab array on a page select the Primary Tab checkbox.

    Primary Tabs only affect the tabs following them. If you have a single group of tabs you do not need to select the Primary Tab checkbox

  7. Select the Tab Group Arrangement; this can be vertical or horizontal. The arrangement of all the tabs on a page is decided by the setting in the editor of the first tab in a group.

  8. A macro placeholder is displayed. Changes save automatically. 

  9. Add the content that you want to display on that tab.

  10. Add an additional Tabs macro for each tab that you want to display, for example, we added additional macros for WorkshopsFacilities, and Directions. In the following image.

    The order in which you arrange the tabs on the page is the order in which the tabs will be displayed

  11. Click Publish to see the rendered tabs on the page.

Horizontal Arrangement

Vertical Arrangement

Tabs can not be shown in preview mode. You need to publish the page to see any changes you make to them.

Edit the macro

To make changes to the macro, for example, to change the title of the tabs, click the macro placeholder then click the Edit icon. Make the required changes, these will save automatically.

To make changes to the order of the tabs, change the order of the macros on the page. Drag and drop the macros to do this.

Add Multiple Tab Groups

  1. Add the tabs macros as normal.
  2. At the start of your new tab group select the Primary Tab checkbox.
  3. Choose the Tab Group Arrangement for the new tab group.

    The Tab Group Arrangement in the primary tab is applied to all the tabs in its group. The Tab Group Arrangement selected in any following tabs will have no effect.

  4. Publish your page to see your multiple tab groups.