Used in conjunction with the Button Hyperlink macro, the Button Group macro allows you to create stylized button groups, providing a horizontal toolbar-like group of hyperlinks.


  1. Navigate to the page and you want to edit.

  2. Click the Edit icon.

  3. Click Insert > View More in the Confluence editor.

  4. Select the Button Group macro in the Select Macro screen.

  5. Enter an optional title for the group which is displayed as a tooltip to users when they hover over a button, e.g. Click an option.

  6. Click Insert. A macro placeholder is displayed.

    A placeholder for the Button Group macro
  7. Insert a Button Hyperlink macro for each button you want to add into the macro placeholder, e.g. add a Button Hyperlink macro for Email, Search, and Edit. Buttons are arranged in the order they are added to the Button Group macro. You can change the order later by dragging the macro placeholder to the desired position.

    Button Hyperlink placeholder macros for Search, Email, and Edit, inside the Button Group placeholder macro.
  8. Click Publish to view the Button Group rendered with the button links. In the example below, standard style buttons were added to the Button Group.

  9. Click the buttons to test the link destinations and behaviors, e.g. if they open in a new tab.

    The saved and rendered Button Group macro with the example configuration.

Edit the macro

To make changes to the macro, for example, to add or remove a button or to change the tooltip text, click the Button Group macro placeholder then click the Edit icon. Make the required changes, then click Save.