Data and Analytics

We know that data security is an important issue and can be a big concern when using a Cloud instance. That's why we want to assure you that nothing you put inside your macros is collected, and no data about the content of your pages will leave your confluence instance. We do not collect any Personal Identity Information about users. 

What we do collect is usage data. Examples of this are:-

  • How many times our macros are used.
  • If the user selects a custom color.
  • If a default image or used, or if the user uploads their own (but not what that image is).

This data is only used internally. We combine the data from all of our users' instances to look for usage patterns and to see which features users are most interested in. We do this to improve our app by focusing on what our users like and use. 

Data Residency

Content Formatting Macros has been built so that most of the features do not require any data to be stored or processed outside your Confluence instance. The exception to this are the AI Features. If you use the AI Features, the data input into the AI fields needs to be processed. This processing is done in the US East (North Virginia) region.

If you turn off the AI Features, no data is stored or processed by Content Formatting Macros.

See our EULA for more information.

Data Usage in AI Features 

Some of our macros use AI to assist users in efficiently producing content. We use OpenAI to provide these services. All interactions with OpenAI are secure, and user data is handled following Kolekti's privacy policy, OpenAI's privacy policy, and OpenAI's data processing addendum.

Our AI features work by processing prompts to generate content suggestions. The only data processed is the data provided in the AI fields; no user data is processed or stored. This data is not retained and is not used for any purpose other than content generation. 

Confluence admins can disable AI features. This is done from the CFMC Feature Controls menu.

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