Release Notes

Check out what’s new for Forms for Confluence Cloud.


February 2021


  • Text Box macro
    • The macro can use validations to require the desired input for submissions.
    • The options for the Validation field include:
      • Alpha (text)
      • Numeric (numbers)
      • Alpha-numeric (text and numbers)
      • Email

New features

Several new macros have been added and are now available to use with Forms for Confluence Cloud:

  • Attachment
    • The Attachment macro allows users to include files in their form submissions.
  • Radio Matrix
    • The Radio Matrix macro allows you quickly to set up a table format of radio buttons for multiple questions from which the user can select one answer per row.
  • Checkbox Matrix
    • The Checkbox Matrix macro creates a table format of checkboxes for multiple questions, from which the user can select multiple answers per row.
  • Star Rating
    • The Star Rating macro is a simple and efficient way to add a rating scale to a form.
  • Success Message
    • The Success Message macro displays a custom response to a form submission.


8 November 2021


  • New Configuration screen.
    • An updated interface for Form Configurations has been implemented to support user interactions with configurations and their associated data.
  • The interface for Form Responses has been updated to the ease at which form data is accessed.
  • The Responses Table View macro has been updated.
    • Customize the table view:
      • Select which columns are visible
      • Move columns by clicking and sliding horizontally
      • Move and sort data rows by selecting all or individually.


11 September 2021


  • The Forms for Confluence Cloud API has been updated.
  • The names of several macros have been changed:

    Previous Maco NameNew Macro Name



    Checkbox Button Group



    Long Answer

    Radio Button Group

    Radio Buttons

    Input Fields

    Text Box

    Responses Table

    Responses Table View


Bug fixes

  • A bug preventing a selected Required checkbox option from displaying correctly is removed.
  • A bug preventing the Show Form ID Label checkbox option from behaving as expected is removed.



  • Updated submissions for Forms responses.
  • Updated implementation for setting content restrictions.

Bug fixes

  • A bug preventing Forms submissions from anonymous users with the proper permissions is removed.



  • A bug preventing the placeholder text for inserted Datepicker macros from displaying correctly is removed.
  • A bug causing the Synchronize Configuration banner to appear unnecessarily is removed.
  • A bug preventing the proper display of the default Radio Button option in the Radio Button macro is removed.
  • A bug causing faulty Field Checker results for forms that contain a Forms Responses macro is removed.



  • In-app links to documentation are updated.


  • A bug preventing non-admins, with proper permissions, from submitting forms in specific scenarios is removed.



The security of form responses has been investigated and, subsequently, improved. 

  • Anonymous users are prevented from submitting responses.
  • An info message stating that responses are restricted now displays on pages that contain a form accessed by an anonymous user.
  • If an anonymous user attempts to submit a form response, they'll receive an error message and, the attempt will be blocked.


  • A bug preventing forms from loading while using a response table is removed.
  • Backend security updates are instituted.



  • Implemented security improvements to reduce the risk of XSS vulnerabilities
  • Added support for displaying form responses inside the Forms macro



  • Info message improvement

  • Delete responses when the form config is deleted



  • Raise error message if two macros have the same name


New features

  • Responses Table macro

  • Add a number icon indicating responses




New features

  • Customizable Forms - Create elegant forms directly in Confluence to gather information. Using several macros is possible to give users complete control over the fields and layout

  • Input Validation - Validate that the contents of the field meet validation criteria

  • Internal Response Database - Save responses to a form within Confluence

  • Space level administration - Create, edit and delete Form Configurations

  • Customizable Response Templates - Design a template for form submissions, formatting responses to look precisely how you need

  • Seamless integration with Atlassian UI - Designed with Atlassian’s Design Guidelines throughout to make forms that feel right at home in Confluence pages