The Forms for Confluence app has several powerful features. This section aims to explain them in detail and give you the context you need to utilize them effectively within your Confluence instance.

Features list

My Forms Homepage

Read about the Forms Homepage, the hub for Form response data.

Collaborate With Others

Forms let you decide if you're working alone or if you'd like to collaborate. 

Form Builder

Form Builder is a tool for creating new and editing existing forms.

Responses Table Macro

The Responses Table Macro should be used when you want your users or admins to view inbox responses on a page.

Export Data

Learn how to export your collected response data using Forms for Confluence.

Forms Launch Button

The newest way to create forms in any Confluence Cloud instance!

Chart Visualizations

Learn about the built-in visual tools that make understanding form response data easy.

Conditional Fields

The Conditional Fields macro allows you to specify different conditions to customize a form.

Form Configuration

This page contains information and instructions for configuring a form.


Forms for Confluence Cloud can create polls that gather interactive data and let respondents see live results.

Jira Task Forms

The Jira Task Form is a type of form that automatically generates tickets in Jira when configured.

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