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Layout Chooser

Use the Layout Chooser to select a theme layout for a space or the entire site.

Layout Manager

Layout, Options, Menus, CSS, JavaScript, Permissions
Learn how to use the Layout Manager to create and edit theme layouts.

Layout Hierarchy

Learn how Layout Hierarchy enables you to inherit the settings of master layout templates.


Menus, Panels, Utilities
Learn about the extensive library of Macros used to customise navigation, layout and content.

Theme Administration

Backups, Manage Spaces, Permissions, Dashboard
Use Theme Administration for centralised management of site wide theme settings


Theme customisation walkthroughs and common tasks are explained step by step in our Theme Builder Tutorials.

Working with Flags

Separate switching logic from your design using flags. See Working with Flags...

Working with Menus

Learn why, when and where to use Menus in your navigation.

Performance Tuning

Put your theme on a diet to make it leaner and faster. Learn about Performance Tuning...

Layout Defaulting

Find out how to master your layout selection. Read more about Layout Defaulting...