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Content Formatting Macros for Confluence Cloud is a collection of macros that gives you the power to easily format and enhance the appearance of content in Confluence Cloud.

Structure your Confluence

Content Formatting Macros gives you added control of your content design and structure. Whether you’re using the LaTeX macro to neatly convert mathematical language to HTML, adding Tabs to organize content, or adding pathway indicators to documented processes with the Progress Bar macro, you have the power to craft and modify relevant and digestible pages for your audience.

Enhance the look and feel

Because well-designed content is important, Content Formatting Macros offers you flexibility for content design. You can add styled button links to your pages, design cards to add visual interest to a homepage index, and much more.

Explore our macros

To learn more about using our macros to bring your content ideas to life, see our Macros section.

Moving from Confluence Server to Cloud?

Our Migrate Content topic provides guidance on what to expect. If you can't find your answer here, try the FAQ page.

We're committed to creating the most valuable macros for our users. If you want to have a say in what we build, please let us know by adding your thoughts, suggestions, or votes via our app feature feedback page.

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