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Forms for Confluence Cloud is a powerful work tool that streamlines communication practices in Confluence Cloud. Forms can be created and customized to run a survey, gather feedback, or collect requirements for a new project. Responses to a form are saved directly in Confluence and may be exported if the information needs to be shared further.

Create forms in one simple step

Adding forms to Confluence has never been easier. Equip your team with the tools to gather feedback, conduct surveys, and capture data to make informed decisions. Best of all, building a form takes mere minutes!

Build it out

Forms for Confluence makes publishing custom forms, surveys, and polls quick and easy with options like text boxes, radio buttons, and checkboxes. You can also add validation to form input to enhance the quality of the data submitted.

Go to our Create Your First Form page to learn about creating forms!

Interpret the results

Save responses directly in your Confluence internal database. View responses at a glance with key information like respondents and submission date. You can also export the results to CSV, JSON, or XML for data analysis.

Consult our documentation further to learn more about the Responses Table Macro and discover what you can do with form responses.

Key features:

  • Customizable forms

  • Input validation

  • Internal response database

  • Space level administration

  • Customizable response templates

  • Seamless integration with Atlassian UI

  • Common field options to choose from, such as dropdown list, date picker, and multiple-choice
  • Ability to add rich media content to forms, including videos and images
  • Quick access to Form Configuration to manage forms and responses

Key concepts defined

Form Builder

The Form Builder is the tool that builds a form. It creates a container for desired field types, and the form users will submit. Fields must be added via the Form Builder to function.

Field Types

Fields are input types you can use to construct a form. They must be added to the Form Builder to gather data. 

You can visit our Field Types documentation for the complete list of available fields.

Responses Table ViewThe Responses Table Macro is used to view form responses on a page. It lets you quickly set up a table containing all the responses from a specific form.
My Forms HomepageThe My Forms homepage displays your created forms and provides actions to help you manage data.

Popular use cases:

  • Employee data form
  • Employee onboarding form
  • Vacation request form
  • Surveys form
  • Event registration form
  • Internal support form

Any visitor accessing a page via a public link will see a view-only version of that page, and Confluence will hide most of the content (page tree, macros, etc.) from it.

Therefore, our macro is not available on publicly shared pages.

Reach out

To learn more about installation, compatibility, and pricing options, please visit the Forms for Confluence Cloud page in the Atlassian Marketplace. You can also read user reviews and discover other popular Adaptavist apps for Confluence and Jira.

Contact us for any other queries, submit a support request, or see more options on our Get Help page.

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