Release 7.x

Release Notes 7.4.0

New features

  • User Picker - Creates a Dropdown List with the list of users from a particular group. As the user types, the number of users will be automatically filtered.
    • Added the new User Picker to the Destination List Macro
    • Added multiple new date formats to the Datepicker macro
    • Applied validation of all these different date formats
    • Allow validation of dates to be in the past or the future
    • When submitting a response with a date, the format chosen is now displayed


  • Confluence 6.1.0 compatibility

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where the Responses table was not sorting by date
  • Fixed bug with an apostrophe displaying incorrectly in the Responses table

Release Notes 7.0.0

New features

  • Blueprints - Blueprints can be used to get a form up and running in no time at all.
  • Space Administrator Configuration - it is now possible to create form configurations if a user is a space administrator. 
    • This allows not only Confluence administrators to manage forms but also space administrators.
    • Since every user can create their own space, everyone can create form configurations.
  • Form Page - With the Form Page macro, you can now organize a form in different pages, such as survey sections, creating a better user experience through long forms.


  • Simpler Form Creation - We've bundled the Submit Button, Submit Image Button, and the Captcha Macro all in the Forms Macro.
  • Single Submission - Now, Forms can be configured to allow only a single submission per user.
  • Additional customization of the Information message when sending to ScriptRunner.
  • Responses Table macro - now allows reordering of columns and sorting.

Bug Fixes

  • General bug fixing