The Datepicker provides a way for a user to choose a specific date.


  1. Create your Form using the Forms for Confluence macro.
  2. Add the Forms - Datepicker Field macro to the form.
  3. Set a Name for the Datepicker.
    1. (Optional) Set a Label for the Datepicker; this will appear next to the Datepicker.
    2. (Optional) Set a Description for the Datepicker.
  4. Select a Date Format. This output format will define how the date is presented in the output mail and should be set to the most appropriate for your team.

    Available options are:
    • dd/MM/yyyy eg: 05/01/2017
    • MM/dd/yyyy eg: 05/01/2017
    • yyyy/MM/dd eg: 2017/05/01
    • dd-MM-yyyy eg: 05-01-2017
    • MM-dd-yyyy eg: 01-05-2017
    • yyyy-MM-dd eg: 2017-01-05 - this is the most appropriate format for use with a ScriptRunner Endpoint
    • dd.MM.yyyy eg: 05.01.2017
    • MM.dd.yyyy eg: 05.01.2017
    • yyyy.MM.dd eg: 2017.05.01
  5. (Optional) Set the Required parameter. Ensures that users must supply a value for this field.
    1. (Optional) Set Field Width. Defines the horizontal width occupied by the field in the form.
    2. (Optional) Set Label Width. Defines the horizontal width occupied by the label associated with the field.
    3. (Optional) Set CSS Class
    4. (Optional) Set CSS Style
    5. (Optional) Set Date Validation. This forces the user to select future or past dates
  6. Save the macroA graphical placeholder of the macro will be added to the page.
  7. Preview or Save the page to see the final checkboxes.
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