Blueprints can be used to get a form up and running in no time at all.

The included blueprints provide a starting point for your new form, so you can focus on customizing and creating the content of the form and not setting up the administration settings.

Only a space or Confluence administrator can use Forms for Confluence blueprints. The feature will be hidden for other users.


  1. Navigate to the space and parent page where you would like the form to be created. The form will be created on a new page, which will be the child of the current page.

    Regular users have space administrator privileges on their own space, so even regular users can add a form to their personal space using Forms for Confluence blueprints.

    Click the Ellipsis for the Create option.

  2. Choose the Forms for Confluence option. Click Next.

    1. Choose the desired blueprint from the list of form blueprints shown; we will select Contact Request. Click Next.

  3. Provide a Page Title and Form ID, then click Create.

    The Page Title and Form ID must be unique.

    A new Form ID will be created in the current space, regardless of whether the page is saved on the next step. See the Space Administrator Configuration section for more information about space level Form IDs. All form IDs created at the space level will be restricted to the internal database as the destination.

  4. You will then be presented with the draft of the blueprint. Click Save, and the page and form are created.

    The result is a newly created page and form.