With the Form Page macro you can now organize a form in different pages, such as survey sections, creating a better user experience through long forms.

Form Page macros will guide the user to complete the form in stages and send the data when complete. A user is also able to track their current place in the form with a progress bar on all pages.

For a complete use case with example follow the steps defined in Survey to organize an Event.


  1. Create your Form using the Forms for Confluence macro.
  2. Add one or more Form Page macros depending on how many pages you want in the form.

  3. (Optional) Set a Form Page Title for the field, this will appear at the top of the form page
  4. (Optional) Add more Form Page macros depending on how many pages are inside your form
    Adding multiple Form Pages to the Form macro in Edit mode.
  5. Save the page to see your new form
    Rendered Form macro, with pages in pre-selected order.