User Picker


Using the User Picker Macro, you can create a dropdown list of all the users from a space to pick one or multiple users. 

Although this tool loads a list of all space users, only a certain number will be shown by default until the user begins to type a name.


  1. Create a form make sure to provide a value in the Destination field.
  2. Add a User Picker macro; this will create the list of users.
  3. Set a Name and Label for the User Picker.
  4. Check the boxes for Required and Multiselect, depending on whether the user must select a value and how many users they can choose from the list.
  5. Select one or more Groups to restrict the possible matches to a specified group(s). If left blank, no restriction is applied.
  6. Save the macro to see a placeholder image of the field on the saved page.

  7. Save the page to see the final field on your form.

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