This scheduled job deactivates particular users at a specified date and time, preventing further access to Bitbucket Server.

Over time the people in your organization who can access Bitbucket Sever can change. For example someone leaves your company or someone in a different department is given temporary access to Bitbucket Server.

After this happens, an administrator usually has to deactivate the user manually. Scheduling the deactivation in advance can be helpful for Bitbucket admins with already jam-packed todo lists; as soon as they know the date when a user should lose access, they can schedule it and know it will happen automatically. This can free up unused seats on your license and keep you compliant with your organization’s policies and relevant regulations.

To deactivate the users all their global permissions are removed, including any groups they are a part of which will completely remove their access to Bitbucket. Unfortunately at this time Bitbucket does not provide a way to deactivate users using their API. Please see BSERV-8817 for further details on this.

In the example below we will deactivate User and Contractor on 17th August 2018 at 9am. In the notes section we have even referenced a Jira issue key ACCESS-1234 so we can refer back to who reported this change.

Clicking Run now will run the job right now, so you can test (on a development instance ideally). Otherwise clicking Add will schedule the job to be run at the specified date.

After we have added the job and it has run it will be marked as expired, hovering over the expiry time will show the exact time the job was run. This means we can now go ahead and remove this job from the list as in the example below: