You can search for scripts contained in your configured script roots. Wherever you can enter the path of a script to run, you can search for the script directly in the script file input. You can search by script name, or you can browse the sub-directory structure to find the script you’re looking for.

Search by Name

In the file entry, type the filename of the script and select it when you find it. The script loads for use, and the static type checking begins.

Browse the Script Root Directory

This is a good option if you don’t know the filename of the script but think it exists in a script root.

  1. Type the name of the subdirectory you want to browse.

    If there are lots of directories returned, try to keep refining the search. As you add characters to your search phrase, the results will be refined.

  2. Select the directory you want to browse.

    Now you will see a list of scripts and subdirectories in that directory.

    When you navigate into a directory, the results only show the scripts in that directory. If you want to search all scripts, remove all characters from the input and start again.

    You can use tab completion to navigate the directory structure. If you go too far, remove the characters to the previous slash to return the search to the previous directory.

Result Types

The following table contains the different types of result that the search could return:

Result Types


An executable groovy script

A sub-directory within one of your script roots