By default, when you create a project or repository only you will have access to it. You may decide that you want:

  • default read permission to encourage collaboration

  • public access permission for repositories in particular projects

  • certain groups or users to have automatic admin access

These listeners will listen for projects/repositories being created, and set users and groups with the specified access levels, whether they are publicly accessible or not, and for projects, set the default level of access for logged-in users.

You can use the bulk editing feature to update all existing projects to set your base level of permissions.


Navigate to Admin → Listeners, and click either Default Project Permissions or Default Repository Permissions. Specify whether publicly accessible or not, and the default users and groups for each permission. You can leave any that you don’t want to set blank.

You may configure multiple of each type of listeners, using conditions to apply different base permissions for different circumstances, for instance depending on the parent project, or the user creating the repository or project.

The following example shows setting the default permission of new projects to Read, and adding a group authorised-devs, and a user - Mr A N User as Administrators.