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Position Settings

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  1. Unknown User (bcarr)

    It is really unfortunate that you don't have any documentation for the 'Position Settings'. I am stuck on something which should be pretty basic, but I can't really read about how the position settings are supposed to work.

    I am in the process of evaluating Theme Builder. Trying to set up the theme so that all my pages have a colored border on both the left and right of the contents. I see that I can use the left and right sidebar, but then the Header, Menu, and Navigation bar still goes all the way to the edge...not what I am wanting to do.

    Any help (or documentation) you can provide would be most helpful.

    1. Unknown User (amoran)

      You are going to need to be more specific about what your problem is ... from what I think you are asking you may find the HTML Structure (Builder 3.x) documentation useful, since by applying styles to the page panel you should be able to achieve the coloured border effect you have asked for, however I'm unsure where border properties intersect with the position settings (width/height/alignment etc) so I may have misunderstood your question.

  2. Unknown User (lwallace@pepperdine.edu)

    I am using a template with pages that have sections and columns - what are the settings to get the text to appear without padding at the top of the page when using sections/columns? Here are two examples:

    Page with sections/columns: https://wikis.pepperdine.edu/display/GSBME/

    Page without: https://wikis.pepperdine.edu/display/GSBME/Contact+Us

    Most of our pages have sections/columns, but they appear with padded white space at the top of the page that I want to eliminate - I want all pages to appear without the padding like the page without sections/columns - can this be done?


    1. Unknown User (amoran)

      If you are going to do a fair bit of layout work then it would be worth taking a course in learning to use CSS, your problem here is that the <h1> has a margin-top of 36px, in this case you could 'resolve' it by adding the following to your custom css:

      table.sectionMacro h1 { margin-top: 0px !important; }

      However that will make the headings below crunch up into the content above, probably not what you want to happen ... still at least you've now proved to youself what is causing the problem and can start messing about with css to find the solution.

      One very useful tool in locating these issues is firebug: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/1843

      1. Unknown User (lwallace@pepperdine.edu)

        Hello Alain - thanks much - that works very well. I used 4px, and it looks much better (smile)