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Theme Builder 3.x Documentation

Theme Builder 3.x requires Confluence 2.3 or above. For best results we recommend using Confluence 2.5 or above.

Builder 3.x Release Notes

Layout Chooser

The Layout Chooser allows you to browse, preview and select Theme Builder layouts...

Layout Hierarchy

Theme Builder 3.x introduces "hierarchical layouts" which allow you to create master layouts on which other layouts are based...

Layout Manager

  • CSS TabThe CSS tab allows you to define custom CSS for a layout and optionally disable the inclusion of various CSS resources to gain more control over the overall CSS used in the layout.
    • Body ClassesTheme Builder adds some useful classess to the HTML <body> tag that greatly simplify some otherwise complex style sheet scenarios...
    • Confluence Colour PropertiesThis tutorial shows you how to use colours from the Colour Scheme settings in Space Administration within your CSS...
    • CSS Replacements
    • Firefox Extensions for CSSIf you're customising CSS, Firefox is the best browser for the job - especially with these nifty extensions...
    • HTML Structure (Builder 3.x)
    • Style Sheet InheritanceTheme Builder 3.x and above allows you to inherit style sheet properties from parent layouts, however this process is different to that described in Layout Hierarchy for certain CSS resources.
    • Style Sheets 3.xThis article explains which style sheets are loaded by Theme Builder 3.x, under what circumstances and in what order.
  • JS Tab
  • Layout TabThe Layout tab allows you to customise which panels are shown within the selected layout...
  • Menus TabThe Menus tab allows you to customise the design and functionality of menu-based navigation within the layout...
  • Options TabThe Options tab lets you tweak various settings such as breadcrumbs, printable layout, JavaScript libraries, etc.
    • Favourites Icon
    • Search Engine OptimisationTheme Builder provides a number of options that allow you to optimise your wiki for external search engines, including search appliances on your intranet, a process known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
  • Overview TabThe Overview tab shows basic information about a layout such as it's ID, name and description...
  • Permissions TabThe Permissions Tab allows theme developers to restrict certain functionality to specific user groups.

Migrating from 1.x and 2.x


Theme Administration

Theme Administration provides centralised management of the themes and layouts for all spaces within your wiki.

Release Notes

Please see additional information in the Builder 3.x Release Notes:

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