Get Started

In this section you will learn about the differences in the Jira Server and Jira Cloud versions of ScriptRunner along with some of the technical workings you need to be aware of, including limitations. Also outlined is how to navigate the UI and work with settings.

When getting started with ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud, some first steps are required. When ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud is installed an initial synchronization must be performed by an administrator. It is good practice, therefore, to ensure the JQL Keywords Sync is carried out before using the app. Refer to JQL Keywords Synchronization for more details. As there are significant differences in the functionality of ScriptRunner for Jira Server and Cloud due to the architecture between Atlassian Cloud and Server Add-on frameworks, you should familiarise yourself with these, as described in the General Information section. You should also be aware of any limitations that have been highlighted.