Data Residency

All new Jira and Confluence Cloud customers can choose to have their instances hosted in the EU (Frankfurt), or in the US (Oregon), this includes all processed and stored data related to those instances. These locations are known as the realms, or localities, that customers can choose to pin their data to, provided they are compliant with any legislation in their chosen region (ex, GDPR in the EU).

As customers using ScriptRunner for Jira and Confluence Cloud are also hosted in the same geographical region, you can therefore also choose to store and process all data in either the EU or US. 

What is Data Residency?

To understand the term Data Residency and how it relates to your instance of ScriptRunner for Jira and Confluence Cloud, we can outline the benefits it provides and break it down into its component parts. 

Benefits of Data Residency

Data residency gives organizations more control over their data by ensuring their user-generated content is stored within the US or EU. Companies who work in regulated industries like finance, government, or healthcare may need data residency to operate in a cloud environment.


The data that is stored includes:

  • all scripts, script variables and ScriptRunner related configurations (script fragments, scripted fields)
  • the logs generated by any scripts. These are stored in whole in the specific region/realm where their Jira or Confluence instance is pinned.
    Note: Metadata about scripts that have run (ex. duration, errors, how long rest api request took) are stored globally.


So where does your data reside?

Currently, as an existing user of ScriptRunner for Jira and Confluence Cloud (installed before June 30 2021), your data is stored in the US regardless of where you are geographically located. 

As a new ScriptRunner or Jira and Confluence Cloud user, you can choose to have your instances hosted in the EU (Frankfurt), or in the US (Oregon). 

If you require data residency hosting in a region that we do not currently provide, please let us know via our suggestion board.

You cannot have dual residency.

Change Locality

You can refer to the sections below depending on whether or not you already have ScriptRunner installed. It’s worth noting that this method will change to an automated process at a later stage.

Pre-existing instances of ScriptRunner for Jira and Confluence Cloud

Your data will remain in the US. We will be adding the ability to request a change of data location soon.

New instances of ScriptRunner for Jira and Confluence Cloud

When ScriptRunner is installed, its data is stored in the same region as the instance itself is pinned. For details on how to pin the region, see:

Once the Data Residency feature has been generally released then you will automatically have the relevant version of ScriptRunner for your geographical location on install.

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