Permissions Categories

You must have Administrator rights to use ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud. You can refer to Atlassian's documentation on permissions for Cloud.

ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud classifies users into the following categories:

  • Global Administrator (permits ability to read and write issues)
  • Project Administrator
  • Browse Jira

Feature Permissions

The table below lists the main ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud features and details the permissions required to use each feature:

Feature                                        Global Admin PermissionProject Admin PermissionBrowse Jira PermissionNotes
Enhanced Search

(tick)ScriptRunner Admin user needs Browse User and Groups Global Permission

Script Console(tick)

Built in Scripts(tick)

Script Listeners(tick)

Workflows Page(tick)

Scheduled Jobs


Escalation Services(tick)

Scripted Fields(tick)


Script Variables(tick)

Script Fragments(tick)

Execution History(tick)

Migration Reports(tick)


Audit Logs(tick)


Workflow Post Functions(tick)(tick)

Workflow Conditions and Validators(tick)(tick)

JQL Keyword Sync(tick)

Add-on User Permissions

The add-on user is the user who is created for the add-on app and has permissions granted for that add-on. The add-on user is automatically generated upon ScriptRunner installation and added to the Atlassian-addon-group permission group.

Scripts written for Scripted Fields are always executed as the add-on user and, as such, will have the correct set of permissions granted. However, if the permission schemes are changed for the Atlassian-addon-group, then there is a possibility that Scripted Fields will not work as intended. 

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