Forms for Confluence Cloud

Release 1.0



  • Info message improvement

  • Delete responses when the form config is deleted



  • Raise error message if two macros have the same name


What’s New

  • Responses Table macro

  • Add a number icon indicating responses


What’s New


What’s New

  • Customisable Forms - Create elegant forms directly in Confluence to gather information. Using several macros is possible to give users complete control over the fields and layout

  • Input Validation - Validate that the contents of the field meet validation criteria

  • Internal Response Database - Save responses to a form within Confluence

  • Space level administration - Create, edit and delete Form Configurations

  • Customisable Response Templates - Design a template for form submissions, formatting responses to look exactly how you need

  • Seamless integration with Atlassian UI - Designed with Atlassian’s Design Guidelines throughout to make forms that feel right at home in Confluence pages