Forms for Confluence Cloud

Dropdown List

Dropdown lists are used when you want users to pick from a list of options.

  1. Create your form using the Forms for Confluence macro.

  2. Add the Forms - Dropdown List macro in the body of the Forms for Confluence macro.

    dropdown 01
  3. Set a Label for the list, this will appear next to the checkbox options.

  4. Set a Name for the list.

  5. Set a Description for the list (optional).

  6. Check Required, if you want this as a mandatory field in the form.

  7. Define list options, by giving a Label and Value.

  8. To add more options, click the "+" sign and fill in the fields.

    dropdown 02
  9. Save the macro to see a placeholder box in the order fields will appear on the saved page.

    dropdown 03
  10. Save the page to see the final field on your form.

    dropdown 04