Enhanced Search for Jira Cloud

Synchronising Keywords

Synchronisation by a Jira administrator is required before keywords are available. Although an administrator initiates the synchronisation process, issues are accessed as the Jira user.

There are several ways to navigate to the Sync Keywords page:

  • Click Go to Sync Keywords on the Welcome to Enhanced Search for Jira Cloud post-install page.

  • Navigate to the Manage Apps screen. Find Enhanced Search and click Get Started to view the Welcome to Enhanced Search for Jira Cloud post-install page. From this page click Go to Sync Keywords.

  • If this is the first synchronisation, a banner and link appear when opening Enhanced Search.

  • Navigate to the sync page with a direct URL: https://[instance name].atlassian.net/plugins/servlet/ac/com.adaptavist.cloud.search/post-install-page.

Initial Synchronisation

  1. Navigate to the Sync Keywords page. A yellow notification shows if an initial sync is required.

  2. Click Sync All Issues. All issues in the projects listed under Synchronisation are synchronised.

sync keywords
Closing the page during synchronisation cancels the process. Syncing can be resumed at a later date by visiting this page and clicking on the Sync All Issues button. Search results for queries that use these keywords are incorrect until an initial sync has been completed.

Viewing Synchronisation Issues

The Sync Keywords page shows the issue key of any issues that have failed to sync, with the total number of failures. Select a time frame from the Display for Last drop-down to show all failures in a set time.

Issue synchronisation failures are usually caused by permissions issues. Check the administrator user has permissions to the issues before synchronisation.