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Support Requests

You may require technical advice or encounter bugs when using Enhanced Search for Jira Cloud. In either case, please feel free to create an issue in our Adaptavist Product Support Portal

A support request can also be opened if you have a general configuration issue with the app; remember to include the following:

  • URL to your instance
  • Output from the 'Diagnostics & Settings' page

System Status

You can find our status page here:

Any known incidents or maintenance windows are posted on that page. You can also view the status of our services and various systems that we depend on.

Search API

In addition to the main features of Enhanced Search for Jira Cloud, some features also run in the background. The only way to search and retrieve data without access to underlying databases is by using the Search API. Enhanced Search works by making simple queries to available APIs, and processing the results in various ways (using pattern matching, comparing, aggregation etc).

For example:

assignee = currentUser() AND issueFunction in dateCompare("project = DEMO", "created +1w < firstCommented") AND status = "In progress"

This contains a nested query. As you can see, the dateCompare function in the middle of the expression is not natively supported by Jira Cloud. The query is parsed and the dateCompare subquery is processed first. A standard search is made using the subquery "project = DEMO", then a comparision expression is applied to the results. Finally, a search is made to Jira Cloud with the structure:

assignee = currentUser() AND issue in ("10012", "10013", "10055") AND status = "In progress"

As seen above, the dateCompare query has been replaced by another query:`issue in (..)`. It contains issue ids/keys that were evaluated from the subquery.

If you specify more than one advanced subquery, all of them are evaluated and replaced in the final search.

Troubleshoot Enhanced Search for Jira Cloud

From the outset, you should adhere to the following guidance:

  • Ensure JQL keywords are synced. It can appear that JQL queries don't work when, in fact, they just haven't been synced.
  • As there are timeout limitations in the Cloud, you should endeavour to reduce the complexity of queries and make them as small as possible to avoid these.
  • Use the insert function dialog where possible to build queries, as this helps get the correct syntax.
  • Ensure filters are synced when powering dashboards or Agile boards so that issues returned by a JQL query are up to date. You can toggle the filter sync filter by editing a filter.
  • Avoid tweaking permissions for the Add On User as this can result in many functions not working as expected. This is particularly the case in relation to restricting permissions.
  • Use IDs rather than names in ES functions, where possible.
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