Run a Search

You can use Enhanced Search to run a search in your Jira instance and customize the results, as outlined below:

  1. Enter your JQL query into the JQL Search bar and click the Search button.

    Alternatively, you can click the Insert Function button '+'. This helps users who are unfamiliar with JQL queries by giving them access to pre-generated queries.
  2. Select the function from the Available Functions list on the left-hand-side. Depending on the function chosen, you may be required to enter or select subquery details to generate valid JQL for that function. For example, a subquery "project = EXAMPLE" tells the linkedIssuesOf function that it should find issues linked to the results of that subquery.
  3. Click the Add to query button and click Search. You are returned to the JQL Search page with a list of results displayed for the function.
  4. Check your query has returned the desired results, and customize the display.

Customize Search Results

After running your enhanced JQL query, a table of results is displayed. These results show select information about the issues returned. Enhanced Search for Jira Cloud allows you to choose what information is displayed in the Results table, helping you to find what you need efficiently.

To customize the Results table view, click Choose Columns, and check the columns you wish to display.

The number of columns is not capped, but we recommend you select no more than 10 columns depending on screen resolution.