Release Notes

May 2024

Performance and Reliability Improvements

We are no longer updating the search results for Enhanced Search saved filters that have not been used in Jira for 2 months or more. Specifically, using the saved filter refers to viewing it in a Jira search, a dashboard or an agile board powered by the filter, or other such instances, such as being part of a Confluence macro that uses the filter. Note that viewing the search results for those saved filters does not count as actually using them.

April 2024

Additional Permissions

We've added the'atlassian-addons-admin' permission to Enhanced Search for Jira Cloud, as outlined in the details provided on the Synchronising Keywords page. An administrator needs to carry out an upgrade in Jira's "Manage Apps" for this to work.

February 2024

New JQL Function: childrenOf

Introducing the childrenOf function, a powerful addition that enables you to find descendant issues of a given subquery, including children, grandchildren, and beyond. This function enhances your ability to drill down into the specifics of project elements, offering a more detailed view of issue relationships.

For example, you could use this new function to find children issues of a project, excluding subtasks: issueFunction in childrenOf("project = DEMO") and issueType != "Subtask"

Check out our video demo here!

Updated JQL Functionality: parentsOf

The parentsOf function is now more robust, enabling you to find ancestor issues of a given subquery, including parents, grandparents, and beyond. This expanded capability allows for more comprehensive and hierarchical searches within your projects.

To utilise this feature, simply add a second argument with the string “all” to your query.

For example: issueFunction in parentsOf("project = DEMO", "all")

October 2023

Updated JQL Functionality: addedAfterSprintStart

We've made some changes to the addedAfterSprintStart function to better align with your agile workflows. The function now considers issues that have been added to the sprint after the sprint start date, even if those issues were initially part of the sprint before it began. This is particularly useful for tracking how the scope of a sprint changes while it's in progress.


issueFunction in addedAfterSprintStart("Board Name", "Sprint Name")
  • Board Name: The name or ID of the Scrum board.

  • Sprint Name: The name of the sprint you're interested in.


  1. Specific Board and Sprint:

    issueFunction in addedAfterSprintStart("Sample Scrum Board", "Sample Sprint 3")

    This query will show you issues that were added to "Sample Sprint 3" on the "Sample Scrum Board" after the sprint started.

  2. Board Only:

    issueFunction in addedAfterSprintStart("Sample Scrum Board")

    If you only pass the board name or ID, the function will list all issues added after the start of each active sprint on that board.

Use Cases:

  • Scope Changes: Gain visibility into how the scope of a sprint changes after it has started.

  • Planning and Work Boards: Use this query to focus on issues that were added after the scope was initially agreed upon, both in the planning and work boards.

August 2023

Notice of Deprecated JQL Keywords

We've identified a few keywords that are either not functioning as expected or already have their use cases covered by Jira Search. As a result, the following keywords will be removed on 1 November 2023:

  • hasLinks

  • commentVisibleGroup

  • commentVisibleRole

  • worklogVisibleRole

  • worklogVisibleGroup

  • lastCommentVisibleRole

  • lastCommentVisibleGroup

  • issueLinkType

You should review any queries related to these and change them accordingly. For example, you could use issueLinkType (which is provided by Atlassian here) in queries where you currently use hasLinks to search for issues based on the type of issue links you have.

July 2023

Atlassian JQL Bug Affecting Assignees

Atlassian is currently aware of a bug that affects assignee in (...) when used with display names. This bug can cause inconsistent results when the JQL is executed within an Enhanced Search query.

Atlassian is working on a fix for this bug, but there is no ETA for the release. In the meantime, you can use account IDs instead of display names in your JQL queries as a workaround.

For example, instead of assignee in ('John Doe', 'Jane Doe'), use assignee in (1234567890, 9876543210).

May 2023

We are currently carrying out some performance-related maintenance work on the Enhanced Search for Jira Cloud app. As a result, licences that have been inactive since before 4 April 2023 may lose any saved filters and other preferences. To mitigate this and ensure that saved functions and filters continue to work, you will need to reactivate your license as follows:

  1. Reinstall as an admin.
  2. Ensure you have filter syncing turned on.
  3. Update an issue on your instance (you may reverse the change if required).

Moving to DynamoDB has helped improve the overall performance of Enhanced Search. As part of the move to DynamoDB we migrated ES users with active licences and their user properties. Users with inactive licences were not migrated. We would like to clean up the codebase by removing userProperty references and ensuring we remove unused code in the codebase.

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