Release Notes

May 2023

We are currently carrying out some performance-related maintenance work on the Enhanced Search for Jira Cloud app. As a result, licences that have been inactive since before 4 April 2023 may lose any saved filters and other preferences. To mitigate this and ensure that saved functions and filters continue to work, you will need to reactivate your license as follows:

  1. Reinstall as an admin.
  2. Ensure you have filter syncing turned on.
  3. Update an issue on your instance (you may reverse the change if required).

Moving to DynamoDB has helped improve the overall performance of Enhanced Search. As part of the move to DynamoDB we migrated ES users with active licences and their user properties. Users with inactive licences were not migrated. We would like to clean up the codebase by removing userProperty references and ensuring we remove unused code in the codebase.

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