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Flickr theme config (builder 2.0)

This theme config makes Confluence look similar to the popular photo-sharing site, Flickr. See it in action »


This theme config was developed merely as a quick test during the early development stages of Builder 2.0 to ensure that certain design options were working as expected. We've not used it in a live environment so it's possible that some links to common functions are not present.


You'll need to install the following plugins before you can use this theme config:

  • Confluence 2.1 or above
  • Theme Builder 2.0.x or above
  • Content Formatting Macros plugin (latest version)
  • Page Information Plugin (latest version)
  • Rate Plugin (latest version)

Note: If you don't want a rating panel to appear on all pages, you can remove the wiki notation in the theme config in which case you won't need the Rate Plugin.

Installation Instructions

Builder 2.0

  1. Create a new space, and select the Theme Builder theme.
  2. Go in to Theme Configuration (Edit > Administration > Theme Configuration)
  3. Choose File > Upload Settings... (you may have to click this twice to get the upload panel to appear)
  4. Upload Flickr_ThemeSettings.xml

Builder 3.0

You can import builder 2.x theme settings files using Backup Tab in Theme Administration

Serving Suggestions

You can get a more authentic look by installing the Conflickr plugin which allows you to display Flickr photo sets within Confluence.

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