The Button Hyperlink macro allows you to create AUI-styled buttons which provide hyperlinks to other pages or websites.

Although hyperlinks can be created through the standard Confluence interface, the Atlassian styled button hyperlinks provide stronger visual integration with the application as a whole, and can be used to create pages which feel like part of Confluence itself.


  1. Go to the form you wish to edit.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. Click Insert More Content, and select Other Macros.

  4. Select the Button Hyperlink macro from the provided list.

    The Insert Button Hyperlink Macro screen, with an example configuration.
  5. Complete the following details:



    The text that is displayed on the button




    The page, URL or file which the user will be directed to when they click the button. The field will auto-complete for pages within the Confluence site, but can also take a full URL or file link , e.g. file:///c:/read_me.txt. You may also specify an email destination, e.g. which will launch the default email client when the button is clicked.



    Button Type

    Select the type of button to be displayed:

    Standard, Primary, or Subtle

    The effect on these buttons will differ depending on whether they are on their own, or a part of a Button Group.

    single select



    Select an icon option:

    • None: no icon is displayed on the button.

    • Preset: select from a list of Content Formatting icons. See the Icon Reference below.

    • Custom: select custom to use any AUI icon. See the AUI Icon examples for more information and to verify the correct icon name to enter in the Custom AUI Icon input field.

    single select


    Custom AUI Icon

    Add the name of desired AUI custom icon as defined in Available icons are AUI version dependent.




    Specifies a CSS ID to be added to the button




    Specifies a CSS Class to be added to the button



    Open Hyperlink in a New Tab

    Option to display the destination URL in a separate tab

    single select


  6. Click Insert. A macro placeholder is displayed.

    A placeholder for the Button Hyperlink macro.
  7. Save the Confluence page to view the rendered button.

Some browsers may block URL paths that point to files on a local files system or local networked folders for security reasons. This can be overridden in your browser’s security settings, but should only be done as part of a comprehensive security strategy. In most cases, it is best to host such files on dedicated web servers that use other protocols such as FTP. More information can be found in Atlassian’s documentation.

Style Reference

Examples of the different styles available for the Button Hyperlink macro.

Icon Reference

Icons may look slightly different depending on your version of Confluence.

A key to the icons available used in Confluence.