Here are the changes we document in the Release Notes:

  • New Features - Brand new functionality to help you improve your testing efforts.
  • Updates - Changes we’ve made, large and small, that we want you to be aware of.
  • Bug Fixes - Issues we’ve resolved to make Workflow Steps for Jira work as designed.

March 31, 2021


We added a page called How We Use Your Data to the customer documentation to better and more thoroughly explain exactly how Workflow Steps for Jira handles your most sensitive asset.

March 1, 2021

Product Launch! 

We're proud to announce the official launch of Workflow Steps for Jira, a new Adaptavist app that complements Slack’s Workflow Builder and allows everyday users to create integrations and automations with all of their Jira instances, with no coding whatsoever. 

The app is free while we try to figure out how it can best help teams, and it will likely be free forever for small teams, so there's no risk in taking it for a spin. We've even created ready-to-use templates to help you quickly get started.

Browse our growing customer documentation to learn more. And if you have ideas for how we can improve the app, we'd love to hear your suggestions on Nolt!

Workflow Steps for Jira currently supports Jira Server and DC, but support for Jira Cloud is 100% coming very soon, so bookmark this page for future updates!