Once you add Workflow Steps for Jira to Slack, download and import our workflow templates to quickly accelerate your Slack-automation game. Think of each of these templates as a massive head-start rather than a complete, ready-to-use workflow. Once imported, you'll need to review and customize the workflow steps for your specific needs. 

Download Workflow Templates

Here are a few super useful templates to help you get started with Workflow Steps for Jira.

Click a template name to download the files. Steps illustrating how to import template files to Slack are just a short scroll down the page.

  • Assign Onboarding Tasks
    Automate onboarding tasks, such as HR enrollment tasks or reading/posting assignments, to new members of a Slack channel.
  • Gather Feedback
    Turn useful Slack feedback into comments on a Jira issue by reacting to Slack comments with an emoji of your choice.
  • Respond to a Bug Report
    Create Jira issues by reacting to Slack comments with an emoji of your choice.
  • Status Report
    Schedule status reports from any channel (or any individual) in Slack, and add those updates to specified Jira issues as comments.
  • Submit a Request
    Prompt and record service-request details to a new Jira issue without leaving Slack. 
Have a workflow that's too good not to share? Email the workflow file to us at slacksupport@adaptavist.com, and we'll consider adding it to this page!

Importing a Template to Your Slack Workspace

The following steps describe how to import the template from your computer into Workflow Builder.

Prerequisite: Ensure you've downloaded a workspace template to your local machine. If you haven't, you can find the download links near the top of this page.

  1. In Slack, click the workspace drop-down menu in the upper-left corner, and select Tools > Workflow Builder.

    Workflow Builder
     opens in a new dialog. 

  2. Click Import in the upper-right corner of the Workflow Builder dialog. 

  3. Navigate to and select the workflow template on your local machine, then click Open.
    You are prompted to edit the workflow's name.

  4. Click Next.
    A success message appears, and the template is imported to the Your Workflows tab.

  5. Click Got It to close the message.
    The imported workflow and its steps appear, ready for you to review and customize the steps.

    Check out the doc for the template you imported for more info:
         - Assign Onboarding Tasks
         - Gather Feedback
         - Respond to a Bug Report
         - Status Report
         - Submit a Request

    Use the Activity and Settings tabs to monitor activity, update the workflow name, manage collaborators, and more.