Welcome to Workflow Steps for Jira

Our little app complements Slack’s Workflow Builder and allows everyday users to create integrations and automations with all of their Jira instances, without any coding whatsoever.

Workflow Steps for Jira offers the following steps, which you can use to build awesome workflows:

  • Create Jira Issue - Dynamically supports the fields that make up your issue type
  • Update Jira Issue - Update status, assignee, etc., or add a new comment
  • Prompt for Jira Fields - Prompt users about a status, Jira username, or issue key
  • Extract Slack Message Content - Copy info from Slack into a Jira issue

Get started by downloading/importing our ready-made workflow templates. They include workflows for super-useful processes, like automating onboarding tasks, using emojis to turn Slack comments into Jira-issue comments, submitting and handling bug reports, and more. So easy!

You can configure connections and access your account details on the app home screen, where you’ll also find lots of ways to get in touch with us. We hope to hear from you!

Jira Server, DC, or Cloud?

Well, all three! Just not immediately.

We currently support Jira Server and DC, but Jira Cloud support is coming in early 2021.


Try it for free for a while! Pricing details to come, ehhh, at some point. (smile) 

Get the App

Workflow Steps for Jira can be found in the Slack App Directory.

  1. Click Add to Slack.
  2. Once the app is added to your Slack, scroll to the Apps section of Slack.
  3. Click Workflow Steps for Jira to view the three tabs: Home, Messages, and About.
  4. Click Home to read the welcome, and there you'll also be able to connect to and access all of your Jira connections. 
  5. Whitelist the Workflow Steps for Jira app so it can pass through your firewall and establish connections with Jira. 
    The IP address of the app is