Voting Using Radio Buttons

As a project leader, I want to present several work options to my team so they can vote on what piece of work we should focus on next. I want this to be entirely anonymous and users to only vote for one option. I also want to prevent spam voting.

You can utilize Forms for Confluence internally to take into account several different and diverse views. You can make this anonymous so that each vote is considered equally. You can also make use of the spam-prevention feature to prevent users from using a bot and maintain fairness. To create this form, we start with the Forms macro which sets the destination and acts as the wrapper for all the macro components that make up the form. The following macros are then added to the Forms macro: Radio Button Group. 

Example of a rendered Radio Button macro.

We will be using:

  • Radio buttons to ensure that each mail casts only one vote from a list of pre-defined options
  • Entirely anonymous voting so that each vote is considered equally
  • CAPTCHA to prevent spamming of votes



  1. Navigate to the page you wish to use for the anonymous voting.
  2. Insert the Forms macro. In the Destination field, select the configured Form ID, e.g. Vote and then enter a subject for your form, e.g. Anonymous Voting.
  3. Select the Submit Button tab and enter the text to be displayed on the voting button, e.g Vote.  
  4. Select the Advanced Options tab and select the Add a Captcha checkbox option.
    Forms macro configuration screen, Advanced Options tab. The checkbox for Add a Captcha is selected.
  5. Insert a Radio Button Group macro to create a radio button for each option. 
  6. In the Group Label field, enter the required text, e.g. Which project do you want to work on next? This is displayed to users in the form.
  7. In the Group Name field, enter a name to identify the radio button group internally. This is displayed in your responses data.
  8. Set one option to be selected by default. The user can overwrite this option.
    Radio Button Group macro configuration screen with example field inputs.
  9. Save the form.
     Placeholder for the saved Radio Button Group macro.