Adding a Form to a Page


Forms for Confluence helps you build beautiful forms directly in Confluence that have the power to transform Confluence for your organization.

From Forms for Confluence v.5.x onwards, create a Form using a Form ID, Email address, or User as the destination.

As a destination, it is possible to use any of the following:

  • Form ID: this allows you to quickly and easily create, manage and track the usage of forms—pre-requisites: Form ID setup in the admin section.
  • Email address: send the Form submission directly to an email address.
  • Confluence user: send the Form submission directly to a Confluence user.


  1. Navigate to the page in Confluence you want to add a form toClick the Insert drop-down.
  2. Select the Forms macro.
  3. In the Destination, field add either the Form ID, an email address, or Confluence user name.

    This field implements a Live Search feature to predict the FormID or user you are searching for.

    You can add any mixture of Form IDs, email addresses, or Confluence users.

  4. Enter text for the Subject field, as appropriate. 
  5. In Submit Button tab, you can change Submit button text, configure style, URL, etc...
  6. In the Advanced Options tab, you can configure Captcha, Anonymous submissions, etc...
  7. Click Save when your desired changes are complete.

  8. Insert Forms macros within the body of the Forms Macro to create your form. Documentation for all Forms macros can be found here.
  9. Save the page.

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