Radio Button Group


Radio buttons should be used when you want your users to select a single option from a group. The radio button group lets you quickly set up a group of radio buttons for your users to choose from.


  1. Create your Form using the Forms for Confluence macro.
  2. Add the Forms - Radio Button Group macro to the form.
  3. Set a Name for the group.
  4. Set a Label for the group; this will appear next to the radio button options.
    1. (Optional) Set a Description for the group.
  5. Define a radio button option:
    1. Set a Label
    2. Set a Value.
  6. Click the "+" sign for additional radio buttons options and repeat step 6.

  7. Once all radio button options have been added, set the default Selected radio button.
  8. Save the macro. A graphical placeholder of the macro will be added to the page.
  9. Preview or Save the page to see the final Radio Buttons.

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