Deleting Form IDs

You can easily delete Form IDs that are no longer in use.


  • Log in to Confluence as an administrator
  • Track the Form ID to be deleted to ensure it is not used in any Forms
  • Configure Form IDs

If the Form ID configuration is set to internal database:

  • Check that no form responses are saved against the Form ID


  1. Navigate to the Form Mails Administration console.
  2. At the bottom of the page, you will see a section for Form ID Configuration.
    You can use this section to manage your Configured Form Form IDs.

  3. Click Delete. 

    A Delete Confirmation appears.

  4. Click Delete to permanently remove the Form ID. A success message confirms the action.

Delete error

An error message will display if the delete confirmation is clicked for a Form ID used by a Confluence page.

To delete a Form ID, you first need to remove it from all pages where it is being used. Track a Form ID to see pages where it's in use.

Once the Form ID is removed from all the Confluence Pages, it can be deleted.

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