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{builder-logo} Macro


This macro displays the logo applicable to the location being viewed:

  • If used within a Space, the Space logo is shown
  • If used anywhere else, the Global logo is shown
  • If no logo has been defined for a Space, the Global logo is shown
  • If the Space logo has been switched off, no logo is shown in the Space
  • If the global logo has been switched off, no logo is shown in other locations (and also in any spaces that were using the default Global logo)




The "Ver" column shows which version of Theme Builder the parameter became available in.








Display the global logo regardless of which space is the local context.


Basic Use

Simply add the macro to any panel in theme configuration to display the logo in that panel:


To link the logo to the home page, wrap it in the menulink macro as shown below:


If viewed within a Space, the logo will be linked to the Space home page. If viewed anywhere else, it will link to either:

  • The user home page if defined in that users' preferences
  • The site home page if defined in General Configuration
  • The Dashboard (default)

CSS Customisation

To follow.

Hints and Tips

The Space logo is uploaded using the "Space Logo" option in Space Admin. You can also choose to use the default logo (i.e. the Global logo) or even switch off the logo within the space.

Similarly, the Global logo is uploaded using the "Global Logo" option in the Adminisration Console. If you turn off the Global logo, then any Spaces that are set to use the default logo will no longer display a logo.

Frequently Asked Questions

None at present.

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  1. Unknown User (scayla)

    Is there any way to disable the tooltip "click this logo to return to the home page" ? There is no link behind my logo.

    1. Unknown User (amoran)

      Unfortunatley there isnt any way to do that at the moment, however that tooltip really belongs on the link itself rather than the logo, so for 3.4.0 I can update the title parameter to state 'Space Logo' ... will that work for you?

  2. Unknown User (agehl)

    We have found this jQuery workaround to resolve our problem : $(".builder-logo").removeAttr("title");

    Thanks Alain.

    1. Unknown User (amoran)

      I've actually gone the whole hog and given the logo macro a tooltip parameter for 3.4.0 ... glad to hear you have found a temporary workaround though.

  3. Unknown User (michael.roytman@bcbsa.com)

    builder-logo macro does not seem to work with the latest Confluence 3.1-beta, due to the fact that ResourceManager class has been removed from 3.1 code.
    Any thoughts or updates?

    1. Unknown User (amoran)

      1. Unknown User (michael.roytman@bcbsa.com)

        The problem was still occuring in 3.4.0-M4-conf3:
        Unable to render content due to system error: org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'com.adaptavist.confluence.builder.macros.LogoMacro': Instantiation of bean failed; nested exception is java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/atlassian/confluence/util/ResourceManager

        is there a later milestone 3.4 release or should we try 4.0: http://www.adaptavist.com/download/attachments/36570194/adaptavist-plugin-themeBuilder-4.0.0-M5-conf3.jar


        P.S. We used to be paying TB and Bubbles customers, nice to see it being made free.

        1. Unknown User (amoran)

          The line in the M5 release notes that you are most interested in is:\

          • Basic compatibility with confluence 3.1