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Builder 4.0.0 is now generally available, you should use the version on the Downloads page in preference to this prerelease version

Our Early Access Programme (EAP) allows interested parties to try out the latest development releases of Theme Builder, prior to the final stable release. As such, you should not use EAP releases in production environments - they may contain bugs or partially complete functionality.

Builder 4.0.0 removes usage of the problematic ext-js library and adds builder resources and zipped layout backups

Requires confluence 3.1

Upgrading to Builder 4.0.0-M8 or later will cause customised dashboard information to be 'lost', you should use the rebuild tool on the backup tab of builder admin to import the builder 3.x dashboard content to the new layout structure

Don't forget to upgrade to latest Page Information Tools and Content Formatting Macros plugins as those also have new releases for Confluence 3.1.

Builder 4.0.0-RC2

  • Update i18n
  • Fix bug when editor called for update before it is ready
  • Fix popup scroll position when switching tabs
  • Copy textarea styling to CodeMirror
  • Update to jQuery 1.4.1
  • Add HTMLMixedParse to CodeMirror
  • Fix permission checks when used withuser
  • Update default dashboard
  • Add 'last' class to breadcrumbs
  • Fix replacements for HTML & JS
  • Hide activity link if usage stats plugin is disabled
  • Improve default layouts screen
  • Handle invalid layout id's more gracefully
  • Rename configuretheme to choose-layout
  • Fix replacement of url("LAYOUTID::resource.ext")
  • List flags in debug comment

Builder 4.0.0-RC1

  • Handle IE's zip mime-type
  • Add syntax highlighting to css, javascript & html views
  • Add i18n to most of layout-manager
  • Ensure text resources cache is cluster-safe
  • Allow multiple exists checks
  • Add @parent resource importing to create-child/import
  • Allow builder-show/hide for resource existance
  • Cache the global helper more heavily

Builder 4.0.0-M10

  • Add com-atlassian-confluence id to enable better compatibility with atlassian css
  • Unify web context generation between webui-list and menuitem
  • Make sorted-children default to @self for consistency with the atlassian children macro
  • Add showRoot parameter to sorted-children
  • Fix resource item colours in IE
  • Re-enable js/css compression
  • Show confluence colours in chooser preview
  • Prevent sizes being applied to preview
  • Fix blog-archive when no pagination parameters are present
  • Allow builder-show/hide on user's locale

Builder 4.0.0-M9

  • Add rebuild tool to import builder 3.x dashboard data to all root layouts that dont have existing dashboard.wiki data
  • reset default dialog position
  • clean up throbber animation
  • fix selection of current layout in layout browser
  • disable fade of busy animation
  • disable list-builder for permissions
  • add tooltips for apply/ok/cancel
  • fix modified status
  • fix excessive unsaved changes warnings
  • ensure dashboard.wiki is written however you try to load it
  • fix slider/sidebar toggling
  • add some padding to options tab
  • ensure adbars are aligned to the top
  • fix resource deletion
  • fix quick-search dropdown postioning
  • make with-* & list-* macros use common ceo handling
  • many fixes for layout-manager in IE

Builder 4.0.0-M8

  • Ensure that sliders are switched off alongside sidebars
  • Fix font previewing in panel editor
  • Fix configure link to point at eula
  • Show note in resources submenu when no resources attached
  • Ensure that changes are applied to layout before saving
  • Layout manager visual tweaks
  • Allow resources to be deleted
  • Allow text resources to be edited
  • Tighten permissions system and allow for @spaceadmin-global/personal/* (in preparation for locking layouts down by default)
  • Prevent uploading to the backup of a non-file from throwing an exception
  • Update colour picker
  • Allow text resources to be used as templates/pages by {import}/{create-child}/{menulink:addpage}
  • Allow content to be {import}ed but not displayed (allow for switching logic in resources)
  • Move dashboard storage to layout resources.
  • Switch from PDK to AMPS

Builder 4.0.0-M7

  • Update to jQuery 1.4
  • Allow resources to be sorted
  • Set panel preview text to black by default
  • Fix dotted line margin in panel editor
  • Add padding to textarea in panel editor
  • Include atlasian js before builder js
  • Ensure pagetree instantiates the permission manager before using it
  • Fix layout permission editing
  • Prevent users from seeing resourc upload UI when they dont have permission to edit the layot
  • Indicate where the resource file/panel setting has come from
  • Fix 'clear layout'
  • Skip to atb-content
  • Reorganise css groupings to more closely match 3.x menu structure
  • Add partial i18n support to manage-layouts

Builder 4.0.0-M6

  • Wide-ranging fixes & upgrades to the layout manager
  • Allow create-child to create orphaned pages
  • Allow resources to be used by import & create-child
  • Add copy-to-blog action
  • Add Trim-comments action
  • Add support for personal sidebars
  • Ensure context-checks fail in the right direction
  • Ensure the cluster manager exists before attempting to use it
  • Prevent the excerpt from being escaped in blog-list
  • Avoid using atlassian's .getExcerpt
  • Port blog-list to search v2
  • Remove large quantities of cruft
  • Default tooltup to target page name if the link-type sets it

Builder 4.0.0-M5-conf3

  • Use tinyUrl for links in blog-list
  • Ensure zipfiles get closed as they are created
  • Add basic support for the macro browser
  • Ensure notation guides are upto date
  • Basic compatibility with confluence 3.1
  • Add 'current' class where possible to menulinks
  • Fix zipped backups & layout resources for windows servers
  • Allow create-child to create children of a fixed parent
  • Centralise the interpretation of space= & page= parameters
  • Wipe resources when duplicating a layout
  • Fix quick-search drop-down positioning
  • Update builder.css to allow for code macro
  • Ensure that the entity is an abstract page before trying to check on it's attachments
  • Remove editinword2 alias
  • Strip out confluence version checking cruft
  • Bring decorators into-line with confluence 3.x
  • Create builder-added-by macro & use it in default layout
  • Split the css & js for confluence 3.1
  • Allow builder-show to derermine the space when used within comment objects
  • Pass the spacekey with search requests
  • Remove putInSession code as it is no longer needed
  • Miscellaneous layout-manager & layout-chooser bugfixes
  • Make aliases play nicely with relative paths
  • Add support for flags= & notFlags= to menu macros
  • Update sorted-children to allow for hierarchial displays and 'current' classes
  • Remove typo that prevents comment squashing fix
  • Make webui-list generate more styleable classnames
  • Add current class to webui-list
  • Allow space & title logo to be forced
  • Workaround usage of $action in webui items
  • Add global templates & user macros to zipped backups

Builder 4.0.0-M4-conf3

  • Generate webui context using DefaultWebInterfaceContext
  • Improvements to layout loader
  • Wrap breadcrumb prefix in a list item
  • Add forceexpansion parameter to breadcrumbs macro
  • Fix editinword for titles containing qutes
  • Allow wikimenu to deal with ordered as well as unordered lists
  • Split out import css into it's own resource file and include it after the main resource
  • Add security token to all menulinks
  • Fix pagetree2 styling issues in IE8 & Opera10
  • Fix zipped backup uploads & downloads

Builder 4.0.0-M3-conf3

  • Replace layout editing interface
  • Escape urls used by editInWord
  • Generate breadcrumb ellipsis tooltip
  • Ensure css can be merged with parent layout css
  • Only perform builder-show/hide label checks when the entity is a page/blogpost
  • Make builder-show/hide able to pickup the owner of a user profile
  • Ensure that page height gets set correctly
  • Avoid throwing errors when the browser does not return a user-agent string
  • Make it more obvious in the code that use-layout and normalview menulinks are the same thing
  • Avoid NPE's when generating logout url
  • Avoid RTE shifting to the right
  • Allow templates to be used with newpage menulink
  • Strip tags from pagetitle
  • Add fav-menu macro
  • Allow resource replacements in css
  • Fix body overflow for confluence 3.0
  • Ensure license status is correctly displayed
  • Fix people directory in confluence 3.0
  • Prevent labels macro from generating content when editing/creating a page/blogpost
  • Add first-child macro
  • Fix profile display in confluence 3.0
  • Fix comments in confluence 3.0
  • Add support for requireResourcesForContext
  • Update tab css
  • Allow blog macros to filter by label
  • Create add-restriction macro
  • Migrate theme admin to roles framework
  • Start fixing configure theme
  • Allow blog-list to display a single post
  • reinstate old backup code temporarily until new code is complete
  • Add 'ad-bars' to layout
  • Fix the CSS menu in manage layouts

Builder 4.0.0-M2

  • Replace manage-layouts with jQuery bsed tool
  • Completely remove ext-js
  • Add canonical link tag
  • Fix manage-layouts permission checking
  • Disable resources action by default
  • Avoid comment css issues in IE7
  • Add hastitle=@home to builder-show/hide
  • Add descriptions & last-upload dates to resources
  • Ensure resources are closed after being used
  • Allow LAYOUT::filename.ext syntax in custom css
  • Allow layouts to be recreated immediatley after deletion
  • Fix layout custom html options
  • Allow more granular concatenation options
  • Fix comment editing in 2.10
  • Do not attempt to retrieve i18n text for page titles
  • Default custom html to empty strings not /* empty */
  • Fix clustered cacheing
  • Allow macros.vm to be used for tab rendering
  • Allow webui-list to filter out bundled plugins
  • Handle upgrades more cleanly
  • Add %targetpagename% replacements to next/prev links
  • Set new BG colour & licensing dates
  • Avoid including scripts that cause issues in 2.8
  • Make pagetree2 work as expected in comments
  • Remove internal atlassian.js as it is no-longer needed
  • Add builder-search macro
  • Avoid including scriptaculous in labels
  • Ensure all singletons use getInstance
  • Hide border around quick-search in confluence 2.9
  • Clean up invalid license display
  • Add new colour picker
  • Allow pagetree2 to respect confluence page positions
  • Add panel-editor classes to css menu in manage-layouts
  • Add random-excerpt macro
  • Allow logo tooltip to be changed
  • Allow builder-show to switch based on the currently used layout
  • Add latched layout to debug comment
  • Allow builder-show to switch based on action titles, not just page names
  • Add support for 'flags'
  • Fall back to renderContext when request is not available
  • Ensure blog-archive macro doesnt create empty list tags
  • Ensure watch & favourite menulinks do %page% replacements
  • Ensure macro/user replacements are not overwritten by default replacements
  • Add parent-space action
  • Allow builder-show/hide to recurse parent spaces
  • Ensure space= check doesnt bork on global pages
  • Allow 'starter' licenses to run for free
  • Add 'nopie' filter to PieNG and add nopie class to menu icons
  • Ensure background images are applied to the display area not the content area in manage-layouts

Builder 4.0.0-M1

  • Replace builder-admin with jQuery based tool
  • Minify javascript resources
  • Fix issues with 'pages' macros and labels
  • Fix search term entry & filtering in 2.10
  • Basic compatibility with confluence 3.0-m5-r2
  • Avoid mock requests
  • Fix permission checking when setting global layout and not member of confluence-administrators
  • Add <link rel="canonical" href="baseUrl/currentPage"/> to head section
  • Remove confluence 2.7 support
  • Add comments display fixes to builder.css
  • Avoid including yui in 2.10


Builder 4.0.0 is beta grade software, you use it at your own risk

  File Modified
Java Archive adaptavist-plugin-themeBuilder-4.0.0-M5-conf3.jar Nov 09, 2009 by amoran
Java Archive adaptavist-plugin-themeBuilder-4.0.0-M6.jar Dec 04, 2009 by amoran
Java Archive adaptavist-plugin-themeBuilder-4.0.0-M7.jar Dec 11, 2009 by amoran
Java Archive adaptavist-plugin-themeBuilder-4.0.0-M8.jar Dec 21, 2009 by amoran
Java Archive adaptavist-plugin-themeBuilder-4.0.0-M9.jar Jan 12, 2010 by amoran
Java Archive adaptavist-plugin-themeBuilder-4.0.0-M10.jar Jan 14, 2010 by amoran
Java Archive adaptavist-plugin-themeBuilder-4.0.0-RC1.jar Jan 22, 2010 by amoran
Java Archive adaptavist-plugin-themeBuilder-4.0.0-RC2.jar Jan 29, 2010 by amoran

Requires confluence 3.1

Reporting Problems

Please report any issues that you find to tracker.adaptavist.com

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  1. Unknown User (epohl)

    What is the target release date for version 3.4?

    1. Unknown User (amoran)

      At this time there is no confirmed release date ... rigid schedules == buggy software

      1. Unknown User (epohl)

        I realize nothing is rigid or confirmed and won't hold you to it, but are we talking more like December 09 or April 10? I'm having trouble with the builder-favicon macro and Confluence 3 and thought I'd ask before trying to create menu link aliases, which I don't really understand how to do (smile) If 3.4 is looking to be released soonish, I don't have to wrestle with the aliases.

        1. Unknown User (amoran)

          The extraneous p tags in confluence 3.0 are caused by the changes that atlassian introduced to the way that they interpret the return value of the isInline method on a macro ... in confluence 3.1-m5 atlassian have deprecated this method, which I can only assume means that they are implementing a fix for their ill-advised changes to the renderer in 3.0

          To put it more simply the changes to the way that macros behave are caused by issues within confluence not within the macros themselves ... atlassian are working to fix the issues that they introduced in 3.0, and we hope that they will get it right for 3.1!

          One workaround is to wrap things in a {span} tag, but that's not nesseacrily workable depending on your content.

  2. Unknown User (hboer1965)


    encountered an annoying problem with M6, against 3.1-rc1. At the end of loading a page or blogpost, a popup saying A server error has occured is shown.
    It only occurs if the {pagetree2} macro is used somewhere on the page/blogpost/panel.

    In the logfile, an error stack can be found:

    2009-12-07 10:55:34,171 WARN [http-8080-2] [org.directwebremoting.impl.DefaultRemoter] warn Method execution failed: 
     -- url: /plugins/servlet/builder/dwr/call/plaincall/PageTreeDWR.getChildren.dwr | userName: admin | referer:
    	at com.adaptavist.confluence.builder.pagetree.PageTreeDWR.getSortedChildren(PageTreeDWR.java:140)
    	at com.adaptavist.confluence.builder.pagetree.PageTreeDWR.getChildren(PageTreeDWR.java:158)
    	at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor2353.invoke(Unknown Source)
    	at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.java:25)
    	at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:597)
    <<<<stuff deleted>>>>>
    2009-12-07 10:55:34,171 WARN [http-8080-2] [org.directwebremoting.dwrp.BaseCallMarshaller] warn --Erroring: batchId[1] message[java.lang.NullPointerException]
     -- url: /plugins/servlet/builder/dwr/call/plaincall/PageTreeDWR.getChildren.dwr | userName: admin | referer:

    It happens with FF3.5, IE7 and Chrome.

    If you need more information, please let me know.
    Regards, Herman.

    1. Unknown User (papaya)

      Exactly the same happens here - so it seems to be a general issue...

      Any ideas for a workaround would be greatly appreciated (wink)

      If any information (logfiles, system environment etc.) that exceed Herman's posting should be helpful, please let us now.

      Best regards.

      1. Unknown User (hboer1965)

        Hi Papaya team,

        A very basic workaround: I replaced the {pagetree2} macro with {pagetree].

        Regards, Herman.

        1. Unknown User (papaya)

          Hi Herman,

          well, that was quick (wink)

          Thanks a lot!



          we opened a ticket for that issue: https://tracker.adaptavist.com/browse/BSUP-2261

          1. Unknown User (amoran)

            Thanks for the bug report ... it would be better placed in a forum post, however it will be fixed in the next release.

            1. Unknown User (papaya)

              Hi Alain,

              just to get this right: "It would be better placed in a forum post" because it's not yet released?

              However, thanks a lot, this issue is already fixed with the M7 snapshot of the theme builder.

              Best regards from Germany & thanks again...

              1. Unknown User (amoran)

                What I mean is .. bug reports really belong in their own threads in the forum .. otherwise you end up with pages like the pagetree2 macro which is 98% comments ... this is not useful since it makes it harder to find information.

                Much better is to put each thread in it's own page on the forum, that way it is stored in more easily digestible chunks ... it also means that the comments wont get vaped and lost - I don't know if you noticed but I added a 'trim comments' action to builder for this very reason (wink)

  3. Unknown User (sshenker)

    Any Idea when Version 4 will be ready. We would like to deploy Confluence 3.1 as soon as possible to our test environment prior to deployment to production

    1. Unknown User (amoran)

      We are hoping to release builder 4 in Q1 2010

  4. Unknown User (angela_burrows@putnam.com)

    How do I get the normal dashboard back? I installed 4.0.0 and it got wiped out, but couldn't get the dashboard to look right, so I uninstalled 4.0.0 and installed 3.3.6, but the dashboard is still empty. I'm running confluence 3.1.

    1. Unknown User (amoran)

      3.3.6 is not compatible with confluence 3.1, install 4.0.0-M7 or earlier and follow the instructions in the red box at the top of this page - 4.0.0-M9 contains a rebuild that will do this for you.

      1. Unknown User (angela_burrows@putnam.com)

        I followed those instructions, the issue is, I don't want to use a theme builder theme on the dashboard. I'd like it to be the default Confluence Theme. Is there a way to get it back?

        1. Unknown User (amoran)

          Set the global theme to be the default theme, and then use the builder theme in those spaces that you want to be builder themed.


          1. Unknown User (sbpe)

            Hi Alain
            I have similar problems in my Confluence 3.1 (after upgrading from 3.0.2 to 3.1) Somewhere up here it is stated "Builder 4.0.0 is beta grade software"
            When do you release builder 4 to Confluence 3.1 ??

            1. Unknown User (amoran)

              When it's ready (smile)

              We have no set date for release, we expect that it will be some time during Q1 2010.

  5. Unknown User (conflman)


    I think I have found another issue:

    The historyfunction isn´t working. I am using this code in a panel:

     {compound-menuitem:history|icon=clock|caption=Meine Historie}

    Cheers and a nice weekend (smile)

  6. Unknown User (gina.fevrier@numarasoftware.com)

    We have a 30-day trial for Confluence 3.1. I manually installed Theme Builder 4.0.0-M10 to Confluence. But none of the themes showed up – just the Default. I uninstalled it, then installed 4.0.0-M5. But that didn't work either.
    Is there a way to get a trial of Theme Builder, and which version should I install? There were links to a License FAQs on your site, but the links were broken.

    1. Unknown User (amoran)

      Builder is FREE, however it doesn't include any pre-made themes, you need to use your own creativity for that!

      Now that 4.0 allows users to create layouts that include image elements we hope to see some submissions of sample layouts from the community, eventually leading to a layout repository similar in concept to the Atlassian plugin repository.

      If you can tell us where you found links to the license faq's then we will remove them since builder is no longer a paid-for product.

      1. Unknown User (gina.fevrier@numarasoftware.com)

        Thanks for the super-fast response! Here's one of the broken links for Licensing FAQs: http://www.adaptavist.com/display/Builder/Downloads
        I'll install 4.0 again and try to create a theme. I hope I can find some sample themes as well.

  7. Unknown User (c.aliaga@cgiar.org)

    We have a trouble with the macro - page-info:title - with the Confluence V 4.0.0-RC1
    Does anybody know the workaround or solution ?

    Error formatting macro: page-info: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.atlassian.confluence.core.ContentEntityObject.getRealTitle()Ljava/lang/String;


  8. Unknown User (o.palomino@cgiar.org)

    I have the same problem with the macro: page-info:title. I have installed the last version to Adaptavist Theme Builder 4.0.0-RC1 but the problem isn't solved.

    Error formatting macro: page-info: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.atlassian.confluence.core.ContentEntityObject.getRealTitle()Ljava/lang/String;

    Thanks for your support.


    1. Unknown User (gfraser)

      The page info macro is from Page Information Tools plugin, not Theme Builder. Please upgrade to latest Page Information Tools plugin.

      1. Unknown User (nhsoft.yhw@gmail.com)

        Page Information Tools plugin's version is 1.3 - Stable
        confluence version is 3.1
        theme builder version is 3.3.6-conf28

        but from confluence log files, i found the error exist

        Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.atlassian.confluence.core.ContentEntityObject.getRealTitle()Ljava/lang/String;
        at com.adaptavist.confluence.builder.BuilderVelocityHelper.getOpenSearchTitle(BuilderVelocityHelper.java:730)
        at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
        at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(NativeMethodAccessorImpl.java:39)
        at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.java:25)
        at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:597)
        at org.apache.velocity.util.introspection.UberspectImpl$VelMethodImpl.doInvoke(UberspectImpl.java:389)
        at org.apache.velocity.util.introspection.UberspectImpl$VelMethodImpl.invoke(UberspectImpl.java:378)
        at com.atlassian.confluence.velocity.introspection.UnboxingMethod.invoke(UnboxingMethod.java:31)
        at org.apache.velocity.runtime.parser.node.ASTMethod.execute(ASTMethod.java:270)
        ... 114 more

      2. Unknown User (o.palomino@cgiar.org)

        Dear Guy,

        Thanks for your reply. I have installed the plugin v 1.3 and the problem with the macro page-info:title is solved.
        The plugin is in: http://www.adaptavist.com/display/AtlassianConfluence/Page+Information+Tools+Plugin



  9. Unknown User (kichap)

    I installed themebuilder 4.0 in confluence 3.1, created a space and applied the theme created in themebuilder 4.0.
    But after applying the theme and then navigating to the homepage of the space, I am logged out of confluence. Disabled compatibility macros,
    installed content formatting plugin, Page information plugin. Do I have to install any other plugin along with themebuilder 4.0
    so that I don't have to face this problem.

    1. Unknown User (amoran)

      It is highly unlikely that builder will cause authentication issues, I would suggest that you need to be looking at your logs to find out what's going wrong with your auth, and that the timing of this problem is purely coincidental.

  10. Unknown User (macandron)

    What about the new Move Dialog and Permissions Dialog? I created aliases for them but activating the Move link just refreshes the page and activating the Permissions link drops me onto the Page Information page. How am I supposed to use these functions? Have they been taken into account in RC2?


    1. Unknown User (amoran)

      The problem will be being caused by the way that the jQuery enhancements are applied to the links being incompatible with the hmenu library, you should be able to get the links to work if you apply them directly to the panel.

      We intend on replacing hmenu in a future release however we need to get 4.0 out there ASAP since at the moment there is nothing available for people using confluence 3.1

      1. Unknown User (macandron)

        Hmm... I'm not sure I understood you. I tried taking the links out of the {menubar} and placing them directly in the page title panel. The code looked like this:

         {compound-menuitem:permissions|icon=lock|caption=%page% permissions}
         {compound-menuitem:move|icon=document_into|caption=Move this %page%}

        I also tried changing the compound-menuitem to a menulink, to no avail. The code looked like this:


        But the behavior of the links stayed the same. Did I do something wrong?