Built-In Scripts

What are Built-In Scripts?

You can use ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud's built-in scripts as an alternative to creating your own code. ScriptRunner built-in scripts enable you to automate manual, complex, and time-consuming tasks. Aimed at users with limited Groovy knowledge, built-in scripts allow you to quickly achieve your goals without having to write Groovy code from scratch. 

All built-in scripts are always visible and executable by users with Jira Administration and Jira System Administration permissions.

How to use Built-In Scripts

Built-in scripts have been created for some of the most commonly run tasks in ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud. We have scripts to:

  • Modify the resolution field of multiple issues at once with the Bulk Fix Resolutions script.
  • Copy the value of a field from one field to another in your instance with Copy Custom Field Values script.
  • Select Jira issues to clone and move to another project as a set of issues in bulk with the Bulk Clone Issues script.
If you require further assistance around scripts in general, check out our Scripting in ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud information. Or you can refer to the Get Help section.

Before you Start

View our Introduction to Groovy training module to broaden your understanding.

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