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You will find several links in this section that provide access to self-service information as well as live support. 

You can also view our ScriptRunner Tour to help you get started.

If you want to learn more, take a look at the variety of courses offered on Adaptavist Learn and check out many of the informative ScriptRunner blog posts too!

Support Requests

You may require technical advice or come across bugs when writing your own code within ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud. In either case, please feel free to create an issue in our Adaptavist Product Support Portal

A support request can also be opened if you have a general configuration issue with the app; remember to include the:

  • URL to your instance
  • Output from the 'Diagnostics & Settings' page

Be sure to mention that you are using the Cloud version of ScriptRunner.

ScriptRunner SEN/Entitlement Number and Version

When contacting Adaptavist Support, it is necessary to provide your License SEN or Entitlement Number, so that we can provide you with the best possible level of service. If you have a Server or Data Center product, you need to provide your SEN. If you have a Cloud product, you need to provide your Entitlement Number.

To find your product SEN/Entitlement Number and version:

  1. Navigate to Manage Apps from the Jira Administration Menu.

  2. Click Manage Apps under Atlassian Marketplace.

  3. Locate ScriptRunner and expand the information. The Installed Version, License SEN and Entitlement Number are displayed.

Expired License

If your Cloud license expires, your ScriptRunner instance will stop working, and scripts will no longer run. However, your configuration will be saved for 90 days after your license expires, and ScriptRunner will resume if you renew your license within this time period. 

Script Library

You can use the Adaptavist Library to explore scripts, specifically all Cloud scripts, and you can refer to the many code snippets that are available.

Remember, there are API differences between Jira Server and Jira Cloud. ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud utilises only the REST API and not the Java API.

Code Help

If you have a how-to question related to migration or writing a groovy script, for instance, how to accomplish something within the API, then your question is equally applicable if you were writing in Java, and you can look for help or raise questions on, or

You can also check out our Scripting in ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud page to discover the various programming languages used for scripting.

System Status

You can find our status page here:

Any known incidents or maintenance windows are posted on that page. You can also view the status of our services and various systems that we depend on.

Feedback Board

This board provides you with the opportunity to let us know how we can improve ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud. Whilst it may not specifically offer you help on particular issues, you can use it to raise feature requests or enhancements. You can also vote on any existing ideas submitted by other users. All suggestions are reviewed on a regular basis.

To access the board, click the Vote for Features option of the Resources section on your Home page.

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