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Welcome to Integrate Plus for and Slack! 👋🏽

This complementary app is designed to help dual Slack and users boost productivity by reducing platform-switching. We make it possible to receive real-time actionable notifications and manage your entire board from within Slack. You'll soon wonder how you ever survived without it!

Benefits Breakdown

⚡  Get your updates right where your work happens

Your work conversations happen inside Slack, so isn't that where you should receive updates on the status and progress of your and your team's work? Our app makes it possible.

💪🏽  Improve productivity by reducing endless platform switching

Avoid time spent bouncing back and forth between Slack and by pushing updates to any and all of your boards. Our app allows you to push updates directly from Slack.

👀  Stay in the loop without getting overwhelmed

Tired of setting aside time in your work day to update boards? With our app, you can stay in the loop at all times, reducing the number of tasks that occupy your mind space throughout the week.

🙋🏼‍♀️  Turn daily conversations into status updates

Your everyday Slack conversations are a melting pot of golden insights and ideas. Turn them into action items on your board at the click of a button.

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Getting off the ground is simple.

You can connect and configure from (recommended because the process is super smooth) or from Slack. 

Popular Slack use case! 💡

Centralize all the communications! Set up notifications in a team channel for everybody or in a private channel just for yourself.

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