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Encryption for Jira is the leading app for protecting your sensitive data in Jira. It provides an extra level of security by encrypting your attachments and custom fields within Jira, giving you peace of mind and helping you comply with data protection policies, regulations, and laws. Encryption for Jira uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption method with a 256-bit key to encrypt and decrypt data of files.This section contains important information about Encryption for Jira, including installation and configuration procedures.

Protect Attachments

You can protect attachments from being seen by unwanted internal and external users. Prevent the unwanted sharing of sensitive data in any type of attachment, including PDFs, images, or text files. Encryption for Jira gives you the flexibility to encrypt attachments from selected projects or to encrypt all attachments at once.

Hide Custom Fields

You can hide custom fields in Jira from unwanted internal and external users. The encrypted Custom Field function in Encryption for Jira enables you to secure particular sections of sensitive text data. Encryption is performed before its value is stored in the database. This protects the custom field data values and prevents them from being retrieved by the database administrator.

Before you can start encrypting your Jira data with Encryption for Jira, you need to generate your encryption keys.