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The list-* macros render a bullet-point list of content matching the given search criteria.

Pages are searched either up or down the page tree, from a given starting point. Search attributes that can be specified, include:

  • labels that pages must have
  • metadata keys or key:value pairs that the pages must posess
  • specific page titles

Additionally, any number of spaces can be specified to search in.

Finally, a default page can be specified, to be returned by the macro in case no page was found matching the search criteria.

The following list-* macros are available:

Please refer to the links above for specific information on each macro.

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  1. Unknown User (guy@haigbarrett.com)

    I think it would be helpful to have the mode, separator, and style formatting options that are available on the (incoming,outgoing,etc)-links macros available on the list-xxx macros.

    I looked to file a feature request at jira.adaptavist.com site, but I couldn't seem to find Builder in the list of projects there.

    1. Unknown User (amoran)

      you should use the with-* macros instead, since these allow you to render a block of markup from the context of each page ... giving you an infinite choice in presentation and content.

      1. Unknown User (guy@haigbarrett.com)

        Could you give me an example of how you would list the siblings of a page in a comma separated list, rather than a bulletted list, using the with-* macros?

        In other words, like this:

        Sibling1, Sibling2, Sibling3

        instead of

        • Sibling1
        • Sibling2
        • Sibling3
        1. Unknown User (amoran)

          Heh ... comma separation is non-trivial since there is no way at the moment of determining when you are rendering the first/last page in the list, as such you will end up with one too many commas, eg:

          {with-sibling:searchMode=list}, %withsiblingtitle%{with-sibling}
          {with-sibling:searchMode=list}, {page-info:title}{with-sibling}

          I've listed two forms of getting the page title, the first will be more efficient however I've included the 2nd as an example of what is possible.

          This produces:

          Unknown macro: {with-sibling}

          , %withsiblingtitle%

  2. Unknown User (myrmecophaga)

    When using the list siblings macro, how do I get it to sort the list of siblings by name?