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If you're still using version 1.x of Theme Builder, you should seriously consider upgrading to version 2...

What's New?

Theme Builder 2 represents about 7 months effort by boffins at Adaptavist and introduces a new flexible layout and a visual editor which makes customising the theme much easier.

With other 300 clients in 39 countries we've had to deal with everything from bandwidth constraints in Africa to menu localisation in Japan.

Full Support for Personal Spaces and Global Theme

Theme Builder 1 couldn't be used on Personal Spaces and it was flakey at best when used at Global level (dashboard, etc).

In version 2 we've completely resolved these issues and the theme now works wherever it's used in your wiki.

Visual Theme Editor

The new browser-based visual editor makes changing common settings such as background colours, fonts, borders and alignment easier than ever:

Each panel can be individually customised with nothing more than a few clicks of the mouse:

Customisable Layout

Using the visual editor, you can now easily customise which panels are included in your theme design:

As you can see, we've added lots of new panels including sidebars and header bars to vastly increase your design options.

Colour Picker

Ever get bored of having to constantly refer to colour charts in order to find hexadecimal colour values? Enter the colour picker...

Now you can actually see the colours and simply click on them to choose the desired colour.

Full Control Over Menus!

At long last, the View and Edit menus are fully editable!

We've also added more menu designs for you to choose from, including the sleek and modern Longhorn design:

A new range of menu macros has been added to make creating menus easier, more reliable, more flexible and more automated. For example, if a user doesn't have access to a specific feature it will automatically be removed from the menu.

You can now put menus anywhere, even in your wiki pages!

And the rest...

  • The Rich Text editor now works in Firefox
  • Export messages in the mail archive to a wiki page
  • Large number of new macros to automate and simplify common tasks
  • Theme export/import
  • Vastly improved performance and caching
  • Reposition or even remove the breadcrumb trail, comments, child pages list, label editor and more
  • And much, much more...

Upgrading from Theme Builder 1.x

Theme Builder 1.x used a very basic configuration file which made it almost impossible for us to copy across visual settings and these will likely be lost or be incompatible with version 2 or above.

Theme Builder 2 makes theme editing much easier and it's probably worth taking the plunge and starting again to get the best possible results.

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