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Builder 4.0.2 is a bugfix release to resolve issues with Internet Explorer & Atlassian menu-items


  • Check that permission-checked user is not anonymous before using it
  • Ensure that permissions= and locale= are checked
  • Add %index% replacement to menulink addpage
  • Ensure that manage-layouts ui respects advanced permission
  • Expand the capabilities of menulink to match other page based selectors
  • Add view-attachment mode to page & blogpost decorator
  • Add @parentparent selector
  • Avoid checking global permissions for anonymous users
  • Re-instate script compression
  • Fix editing of text resources
  • Automatically select first link when selecting a new plugin while defining aliases
  • Add tinyurl menulink
  • Update CodeMirror
  • Add some logging to LayoutManager
  • Prevent the upload of empty resource files
  • Update dashboard.wiki to pass the 'dashboard' param to recently-updated-dashboard
  • Allow builder-show/hide to toggle on whether the space has a @parent or @child
  • Allow layout to be defaulted based on the parent space's layout selection
  • Add {blog-roll} macro
  • Remove EULA
  • Persuade menus to update watch & favourite icons
  • Add %PARENT% css/js replacement
  • Ensure that jQuery is passing spacekeys to manage-layouts action
  • Move reusable content out of theme body into main decorator
  • Update permission checking to pass space keys where possible
  • Use contextPath when replacing layout resource urls.
  • Avoid using cluster manager before it has been autowired on confluence startup
  • Make builder menus compatible with atlassian jQuery enhancements (NB: Watch/Favourite links are working but the display is not updating yet)
  • Fix backup tab in IE
  • Add tree-view to {list-spaces}
  • Notation guide updates
  • Remove reflection from clustered cache abstraction layer
  • Ensure all node caches are concurrent
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