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Theme Builder includes numerous features to provide a more accessible interface to your wiki...

Meet Legal Requirements

Theme Builder makes it easier for your organisation to meet legal requirements such as Section 508 (USA), the Disability Discrimination Act (UK) and similar laws in other countries.

Skip Navigation

Invisible until needed, it's the first thing a screen reader or Brailler will find on the page and when selected instantly jumps to the main content of the page. Keyboard users can tab "in to" the page to see the link and cycle through a list of other access keys.

Access Keys

The standard theme layout that ships with Theme Builder includes common access keys for selecting page mode, search box, etc.

You can add your own access keys to any link created with the menulink macro or compound-menuitem macro and denote shortcut keys in menu bars and pop-up menus by underlining them.

All defined access keys are automatically added to the access key panel (see Skip Navigation above) and you can cycle through them with successive tab key presses.

Keyboard Input

Our menus, links and other navigation all support keyboard input as standard.

Boilerplate Demotion

Many sites have boilerplate such as disclaimers, copyright notices and other things that would generally annoy anyone using an accessibility device.

Theme Builder allows such content - both in the theme and even on individual pages - to be demoted and appear after the main page content.

Theme Switching

Theme Builder 3.0 and above support end-user theme switching allowing individuals to instantly switch to a more accessible view of your wiki, for example you can provide high-contrast or large-text layouts.

Accessible Forms

We use semantic markup on form elements such as labels and fieldsets in accordance with accessibility requirements.

Our Commitment

We are firmly committed to improving the accessibility of the theme, our macros and other plugins wherever and whenever possible. If you find something that's causing problems, please let us know and we'll add it to our task list for a subsequent release.

Third Party Plugins

While we have complete control over the theme and other Adaptavist plugins, we can't do much about third party plugins. However, we're well connected within the Confluence developer community so we can put you in touch with the developers of any external plugin that causes you problems.

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  1. Unknown User (nana)

    Hello again,
    where can I find a list of access keys already defined that ship with theme builder.


    1. Unknown User (gfraser)

      You define your own access keys as part of the theme design. Using the menulink macro and compound-menuitem macro set the acccesskey parameter to any single letter or digit to associate the link with that access key. The link will also then be listed in the panel that appears when you tab in to a page or select an access key.